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Holidays in Nice

by astraveler

When we landed in Nice I immediatelly understood how beautiful and perfect it is for tourists and for those who want a high quality holidays. First of all it was the most beautiful Airport I have been to. Most of the airports are in the middle of nowhere, but NCE airport is in the coast and just 6km away from the city centre.

2:01 – 2:55 Nice

Nice Airport View

We landed in Terminal 2, so we took a free bus to the Terminal 1 and from there 99BUS which was 6EURO and goes to the Train station (Gare de Nice-Ville) which was very close to our hotel.

Hotel du Midi

Breakfast in Nice

Our hotel was a really budget friendly option compared to others, nothing special and we didn’t even take breakfast because just 30-50metres away there are many breakfast caffes that offers everything you need for a better price. However the beds was very comfortable and the air-conditioning was amazing especially when outside was +34C.

Once we reached our hotel, took a mini break and went to the city. We decided to walk by the promenade and explore the old town of Nice.

Nice Promenade

As it was really hot, I couldn’t miss a chance to jump into a water. Note: all the beaches along the promenade in Nice are rocky, so if your feet are sensitive I suggest you to take Swimming Boots.

Nice Beach

Rocky Beach in Nice

It is a very entertaining promenade as you can walk a little, jump into the water, then continue walking and so on. And there is a lot of things happening there, mostly because of talented people doing random shows for money.

I Love Nice


Hashtags are very popular these days, so taking a photo with the #ILoveNice seems to be popular as well. Line of people are waiting for their moment to capture it.

Walking by the promenade on the first day was a really great idea. An easy way to relax and enjoy the rythm of Nice. So we were just walking straight until we reached yachts bay then we decided to explore the centre of Nice. Which started almost right away.

What can you see in the city? Almost every building is old, beautiful, the streets are mostly narrow and full of restaurants, caffes, bars. You can also find some beautiful parks. My favourite one is with the fountain. You can refresh yourself easily and don’t worry most of the people do that, so don’t be afraid to jump into this huge arena of fountains.

Nice Fountain

Fountains in Nice

When it get’s dark you have few options. One is to sit next to the beach and enjoy the sea, stars and planes taking off. As long as the Nice airport is very busy, there are a lot of planes flying every single minute. It’s fun not just to look in the sky but also use flightradar app to check who is flying where.

Planes taking off in Nice

The other option is to go back to the old town of Nice and enjoy the atmosphere which is being created by hundreds of people walking and enjoying their time in restaurants or bars.

Nice at Night

We were staying only 2 nights in Nice and the other day we took the train to Monaco. Which was a really nice decision to make. I highly recommend you to do that as well, so feel free to read my story about Monaco.

Hope you enjoy reading about my trip to Nice. If you have any questions please ask them! 🙂

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