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4 Days In Rimini – Travel Itinerary and Things You Should Know

by astraveler

If you want to spend your holiday discovering endless sandy beaches, adventurous theme parks, attractive architecture, hundreds of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs then you should visit Rimini, a beautiful city in Italy. There is a lot to explore in this city, so you should spend at least four days in Rimini and view the top tourist attractions.

In this video, you can find all the attractions I have mentioned in this article.

And here is a detailed itinerary on things to do in Rimini for a 4 day trip, so that you do not miss out anything important.

Day 1

Begin your first day in Rimini by visiting Italia in Miniatura, which is a beautiful miniature park that is commonly known as ‘miniature Italy’ park. It consists of more than 250 European and Italian architectural wonders that have been reproduced in miniature form. The park opens at 11 in the morning and holds several exhibitions and events on a regular basis. Next you can visit the Arch of Augustus, which is the oldest Roman arch that still survives. It is a historic symbol of the city and is a part of the Rimini coat of arms.

Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura

Your last stoppage for the day should be Montebello Castle, which is a hilltop fortress that will take you through the fascinating art and history of Italy. The timings differ for each season, so check them out on their official website before you plan your trip. There are day and night tours, so depending on your preference; you can book one for yourself. However, remember that the content and timing of night tour is not suitable for children, so visit in the day if you are traveling with kids.

Day 2



Your second day can be spent in Mirabilandia, which is Italy’s largest amusement park that is about 40kms away from Rimini. You can reach there by train (Rimini – Ravenna line), bus, or hiring a car. The park is perfect for all age groups as there are several rides that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adventure junkies. Some of the famous attractions of the theme park are Eurowheel, iSpeed, and Katun inverted roller coaster.




There are innumerable cafés, restaurants, and bars available at short distances within the premises so that you can relax and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine after an adventurous ride. To book tickets for an amazing and thrilling day in this wonderful theme park. With over 40 thrilling attractions, you are surely going to have a memorable time in Mirabilandia.

Day 3

Your third day can be spent by visiting Aquafan, which is a wonderful pool park. Aquafan is located in Riccione and you can reach the park by train, car, or bus. Timings for the park are 10am to 6:30pm. It is a perfect place for thrill-seekers as the 90,000 square meters of area is filled with innumerable slides and swimming pools. Some of the attractions of Aquafan are wave pool, river run, speedriul, tobogas, and more.



You can even hire umbrellas and sunbeds to relax after enjoying several adventurous slides. Alternatively, you can lay your towel on the grass and lie down. There are specific rides for children too, so it is a perfect place to visit with family. It is advisable to visit on a weekday as weekends will be extremely crowded and you will end up waiting for more than an hour in queues for a single ride. There are several restaurants and cafés within the area and getting something to eat of your choice won’t be a problem. However, remember that car parking, locker, sunbeds, and sun umbrellas would cost extra.



Day 4

Rimini Beaches

Rimini Beaches and Coast

Since this is the last day of your holiday in Rimini, you can spend your time exploring the innumerable beautiful beaches and relishing authentic Italian cuisines. Some of the must-visit beaches of Rimini are Bagno Libra, Bagni Ricci, and Lamby’s Beach 93. Most of the beaches offer several water activities like parasailing, paragliding, scuba, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, etc. for you to enjoy. Alternatively, you can simply relax on the sunbeds and enjoy authentic dishes that are available at nearby restaurants and shacks.

Rimini Piadina

Rimini Piadina

Pasta, pizza, meat delicacies, piadina, cheese, and wines should not be missed at all. A few beverages that you should try out are Colli di Rimini wines, Trebbiano, Lambrusco, and Cagnigna di Romagna. The innumerable restaurants that are located in every nook and corner of Rimini offer a great assortment of dishes at most attractive prices. Their tempting menu and cozy atmosphere will make your trip a memorable one.

Where To Stay In Rimini

To have a comfortable stay in Rimini, you can book a room at Hotel Apis, which is about 3km away from Rimini Fiera Exhibition Center. It will be an apt location for your stay since Rimini Airport is less than 10 minutes drive, Aquafan is 20 minutes drive, Mirabilandia is 40km away, and there are several beaches in close vicinity.

Backpackers can have a relaxing stay at Sunflower City Backpacker Youth Hostel, which is situated in the heart of Rimini; about 300 meters away from railway station. Each room offers free Wi-Fi and is been cleaned every day by their polite staff. There is a common fully-equipped kitchen, garden, and sitting area. It is a perfect place for budget travelers.


Your 4 days trip to Rimini would be an amazing one by following the aforesaid itinerary. After exploring the beautiful city entirely, you can take a bus to San Marino, which is a hidden gem of Italy that can be explored in a single day. Another interesting neighborhood city is Bologna, which is the capital of Emilia-Romagna region. There are 32 trains plying each day from Rimini and the average journey time by train to Bologna is 1hr 11mins. Bologna can too be explored within a day and you should definitely add it to your travel agenda.


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