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5 Days in Dubrovnik, Croatia – Things To Do

by astraveler

Described as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination in Croatia. There is so much to explore in Dubrovnik, that a 5 days trip would be too short. It is important to plan your journey carefully so that you can make the most of every moment of your holiday. This guide will help you to add some important attractions in your Dubrovnik itinerary so that your vacation turns into a memorable one.

Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik

Summers in Dubrovnik are warm and dry and winters are cool. The peak tourist season is in the months of summer (June to August) as it is ideal for swimming and boating. However, ensure that you pack sunscreen lotion and a hat for your trip. If you want to spend your entire day sightseeing and away from the madding crowd, then Spring or Autumn would be the best months for you to plan your holiday in Dubrovnik. We did this trip at the beginning of May and we even had a chance to try the beach, however, keep in mind that in May you have a higher chance of rain and colder days.

Things To Do In Dubrovnik  

City Center (Old Town)

Dubrovnik Old Town

First time travelers should book their stay in Old Town Dubrovnik as it is close to the Adriatic Sea and many more iconic attractions. There are several clubs and bars, so it is also a perfect place for experiencing the nightlife of Dubrovnik. The narrow streets of Old Town are filled with numerous restaurants and small shops selling cute souvenirs. Don’t forget to visit the Stradun, where the famous Star Wars Episode VIII was filmed. Also, you can try the 2 km walk along the City Walls and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the open sea, however, we did not try this as the price was too high at the moment about 25Euro per person.

I also suggest you climb or take an Uber (7-10euro) to get to the top of the mountain and see the city from the top! Just like in our picture.

Old Town Dubrovnik From The Top

Bellevue Beach

Bellevue Beach

Located 5 minutes away by car from Old Town, Bellevue is a beautiful secluded pebble beach. Whether you want to swim or relax, Bellevue would be a perfect choice for families. However, if you are planning to sunbathe then you should visit in the mornings. Since it is surrounded by cliffs and covered by trees, afternoons are pleasant with indirect sunlight. I had a great time playing water polo with the locals out there. Cliff jumping is another interesting sport that the locals were experiencing there.  

Wine Tasting

Croatian and Montenegrin wine is famous throughout the world and your trip would be incomplete if you do not taste them. I suggest visiting the D’Vino Wine Bar to taste some of its authentic wines. Together with the wine, you will be relished their delicious cheese and meat platter. If interested, you may even book a wine tasting tour, which will be managed by expert guides who will explain in detail the varieties of wines that are locally grown.

Day Trip To Mostar

Mostar Bridge

One of the best decisions for my tour was that I booked a day trip to Mostar and Kravice Falls from Dubrovnik. The duration of this guided trip was about 11 hours, wherein I could explore the mesmerizing beauty of the Kravice Falls and Mostar Town. To reach the Kravice waterfalls, I had to cross the border and arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My local guide was extremely friendly and provided complete information about the ancient town of Mostar. I clicked several photos of the Old Bridge, mosques, and waterfalls. About 3 hours of free time was allotted in Mostar for shopping and lunch. 

Kravice falls

Day Trip To Montenegro

Trip To Montenegro

Montenegro is about 150 km away from Dubrovnik by road and to explore this beautiful country in the Balkans, I opt you for a day tour. It’s a full day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. Walking through Kotor Old Town, a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks, and exploring the town of Perast and Budva are some of the highlights of this tour. You will enjoy relaxing on the clean sandy beaches of Budva and learning the history of Montenegro and its vital cultural monuments. Overall, this day trip is absolutely worth the price and effort.

What And Where To Eat In Dubrovnik?

Nautika restaurant at Old Town Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, me and my wife used to have at least one of our meals each day at the highly recommended Nautika Restaurant, because I loved the way they prepared and served their food. Moreover, the scenic views of the Adriatic Sea and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar from the terrace were absolutely breathtaking. I do not mind planning another holiday to Dubrovnik especially for relishing their mouth-watering fresh seafood recipes and all of their other dishes. Not to forget, they would even give a 10 percent discount the next time you visit their restaurant!

Where To Stay In Dubrovnik?

Apartments Dub

For my stay in Dubrovnik, I was looking for affordable apartments and this is when I came across Apartments Dub online. I found it to be perfect for my holiday, as it was close to Bellevue Beach, Lapad Bay Beach, and Sulic Beach. The Dubrovnik Airport is about 21 km away. Going with Uber from the apartments to the center cost me less than 3 Euros each time. The host was wonderful, breakfast was a brilliant, amazing place!

However, if you are looking for a luxurious stay then I would suggest you check out Royal Princess Hotel. Amazing sea views from your room, a large terrace that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, a steam bath facility, and two swimming pools are some of the attractions of this hotel. It is located close to Lapad Peninsula and each room has a satellite television, coffee maker, balcony, air-conditioning, bathtub, and free Wi-Fi.    

Traveling In And Around Dubrovnik

Buses and taxis are mainly used for traveling in and around Dubrovnik. However, if you do not want to spend your holiday waiting for a taxi or bus then you can consider renting a car. I suggest you renting a car online through this link at Discover Cars so you could move around freely as per your schedule and pace. Hiring a car will give you the freedom to explore innumerable nearby areas that are not accessible by public transport. Thus, it should make your holiday all the more adventurous and interesting.


Overall, my vacation to Dubrovnik was a wonderful one. Personally, we found the food to be a little expensive, especially in restaurants compared to other popular European destinations, however totally worth it because of the freshness and taste! The city attracts millions of travelers each year from various parts of the world. Beaches and historical monuments are extremely friendly for pregnant women and oldies. So, tourists from all walks of life arrive to explore the real essence of Croatia.

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