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Best Travel Shoes For Men And Women – Buying Guide 2024

by astraveler
Best Travel Shoes

If you are inexperienced when it comes to buying footwear, picking a good travel shoe can prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task. The sheer number of attractive options that are available to you in the market can cause some reticence and confusion. After all, manufacturers have made it their mission to flood the customer with long and complicated product descriptions that offer little substance and are far from being reflective of the product’s intrinsic value. Our guide will you navigate through the market and shift hype and misinformation in order to find the best walking shoes for travel.

Best Travel Shoes Buying Guide

Regardless of your travel destination, it is reasonable to expect that you will spend the bulk of your time walking. Travelers often find themselves walking long distances when exploring a new city or area they’ve never been to before. Needless to say, you will need to have a pair of comfortable shoes if you don’t want to experience the pain that is associated with wearing the wrong shoes.

A significant number of people make the fatal mistake of choosing fashion over comfort, which often leads to several knee, foot, and joint problems that can be chronic in some extreme cases. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have to completely sacrifice style and design just for the sake of comfort since the market offers numerous options that offer a healthy balance between the two qualities. Travel shoes should have all the qualities you are looking for. To help you identify the best shoes for travel, we have listed what we believe to be the main factors that you have to be aware of.

Waterproof qualities

You never know where your trip might take you and what weather conditions will be like throughout your stay there. Having a pair of shoes that are designed to handle exposure to the various elements of the outdoors is a must. It is advisable that you opt for shoes that are made from water-resistant materials and feature some quick-drying properties that can help keep your feet dry if you get caught in the rain. Waterproof shoes are usually made from a breathable material and feature very sturdy soles that are tightly glued to the upper of the shoe. If you are looking for something totally made for water, then we recommend you to check our best water shoes article.

The quality of the craftsmanship

When it comes to any type of shoes, the quality of the craftsmanship is one aspect that you should never neglect. This is especially true for travel shoes since you will be doing a lot of walking with them. Generally speaking, you should avoid shoes that feel thin to the touch, have questionable stitching or loose threads, and make heavy use of cheap glue to connect the various parts of the shoe. A high-quality pair should feel rugged upon close inspection and should have firm and properly stitched soles that can handle long distance walking.

The level of comfort

It goes without saying; travel shoes should be able to offer the maximum level of comfort and need to be designed in a way that provides ample cushioning for your feet. That is why you should pick a travel shoe that is properly padded with soft materials and equipped with an ergonomically-designed sole. This will help soften the impact of your step and reduce the stress on your joints and muscles. Well-padded ergonomic shoes facilitate movement and are highly effective when it comes to absorbing shock, relieving fatigue, and returning your feet to a better and healthier condition.

The type of material that the shoe is made of

The type of material that the shoe is made of plays a significant role in determining its overall quality and ability to withstand wear and tear. The materials and resources used to make shoes fall into three categories; Full-Grain, Nubuck, and Synthetic.

  • Full-Grain: Great quality leather that is highly durable and water-resistant. It can handle rough weather conditions and rugged terrains. The main downside of this material is that it is relatively thicker than other options and tends to restrict mobility.
  • Nubuck: This refers to a type of buffed down leather that shares a lot of similarities and textural characteristics with suede. While less durable than full-grain leather, it provides more comfort and flexibility
  • Synthetic: This category includes a wide array of materials ranging from faux-leather and polyester to PU and nylon fabric. Shoes made from these synthetic materials are usually cheaper and lighter but are generally not waterproof unless they come equipped with a dedicated membrane.

Good traction

Due to the long distance that a traveler covers and the unpredictability of the terrains that they regularly encounter, travel shoes needs to provide good traction. This prepares you for any situation and affords you the luxury of taking up a wide range of activities without the need for dedicated shoes.

The roominess of the shoe

Contrary to the widely held belief that your shoes should be an exact fit, your travel shoes should be roomy and need to have sufficient space for your toes. The food tends to extend one centimeter in each direction when you are walking, so having ample room for your toes is necessary in order to prevent the shoe from pressing against them.


Best Travel Shoes in 2024

CLARKS Men’s Desert Chukka Boot

Clarks is a name that needs no introduction. The company has been a leading brand in the footwear industry for close to two centuries and has continuously garnered praise and accolades for their high standard of craftsmanship and commitment to making some of the most stylish and comfortable shoes in the world.

The Men’s Desert Chukka Boot is made from top grade suede leather and feature a rugged crepe rubber sole that is designed to withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, it is equipped with a unique heel counter that stabilizes your foot when you are walking and helps maintain healthy motion. While they are not waterproof and are mostly designed for dry climate and surfaces, these shoes are compatible with a number of waterproofing sprays and kits.

The leather looks elegant and traditional feel that goes well in a wide array of fashion styles and attire. Moreover, these shoes are not only stylish and comfortable; they are also highly versatile and can be worn in any environment ranging from casual walks on the sidewalks to professional job interviews.

Another impressive thing about these shoes is just how quiet they are. Despite their relative thickness and the prominence of the heels, you will notice a remarkable absence of the loud and thudding sound that is associated with boots and other types of heeled shoes.


  •       The quality of the suede leather is very high
  •       The stitching is simply immaculate
  •       The rubber crepe soles are extremely durable
  •       Elegant and sleek design that is compatible with any fashion style
  •       The shoes emit very little sound despite their weight and thickness


  •       The sole tends to collect a lot of dirt and pebbles from the road
  •       The traction decreases significantly on wet surfaces



New Balance Men’s Iconic 574 Sneakers

Since the founding of the company more than a hundred years ago, New Balance has consistently been one of the most popular shoe brands in the world. Over the decades, the company has managed to carve out a large market segment in the footwear industry. Their classic and minimalist design of their shoes coupled with their impressive durability and comfort have made them a favorite brand of a diverse customer base.

Like all products from New Balance, this 574 sneaker is made from premium materials that consist mostly of heavy-duty synthetic leather. It comes with the company’s latest comfort technology and features the unique and supportive ENCAP midsole cushioning that have proven highly effective when it comes to stabilizing the foot, absorbing impact, and enhancing forward progression when you are walking or running on a hard surface. To cap it all off, the shoe also boasts a very sturdy rubber outsole and an upper that is made from a combination of suede and mesh.

As far as style is concerned, the 574 sneakers follow the same blueprint as all New Balance models. The ageless and classic design of these shoes comes in 7 different color options and boasts the minimalist yet sleek look that enabled New Balance shoes to complement any type of dress, both official and casual. These shoes are the ideal pair to bring with your during your travels to the tremendous comfort that they can offer you and the versatility that they provide. That’s why most men choose it as the best walking shoes for travel and even more.


  •       The shoes are very sturdy and durable
  •      The ENCAP midsole cushioning is effective in stabilizing your foot
  •       Comes in a wide range of color options
  •       The rugged suede/mesh outsole


  •       The back part of the shoe tends to dig into the heel
  •       They are a little bit too tight



Le Mouton Merino Wool Lightweight Unisex Shoes

This unisex pair of shoes from Le Mouton has all the hallmarks of great travel shoes. Over the past couple of years, the company has made a name for itself within the footwear industry and has managed to consistently craft high-quality shoes that are both durable and comfortable. The main quality that differentiates Le Mouton shoes from the rest of the pack is their remarkable flexibility and ability to adapt to any dress style regardless of gender.

This pair is made from merino wool and features a polyester blend upper. The shoes are extremely breathable and come equipped with a number of temperature-regulation properties that are geared toward keeping your feet cool during the high temperature of the summer. Additionally, these wool shoes are odor-resistant and can be worn without socks. This pair is ideal for a multitude of terrains and can be worn in both hot and very cold weather without exposing your feet to extreme temperatures. Besides being cushiony and durable, these shoes are quite stylish despite their simplistic design. The wooly look and feel coupled with the lace-up structure exudes a sporty vibe that enhances any type of outfit.

Another important characteristic of these shoes is the fact that they boast several therapeutic qualities. Thanks to the way they fit the foot and the cushioning that they provide, these shoes are ideal for people who suffer from a number of foot problems such as neuromas and plantar fasciitis.


  •       Their simple design is suited for both men and women
  •       They have a lot of therapeutic properties
  •       The insole is removable
  •       Merino wool fibers are effective when it comes to regulating temperature


  •       Might be too wide for women with smaller feet
  •       The shoes are relatively expensive



Feetmat Mens Walking Shoes

Feetmat is a relative newcomer to the footwear industry. The company has managed to make a name for itself with their wide selection of comfortable, stylish, and more importantly, affordable shoes. All their products feature cutting-edge designs that have proven extremely effective when it comes to improving the motion of the foot and maintaining its stability when you are walking.

If you are on a tight budget, then this pair of shoes is an ideal pick for you. They have a classic design that allows you to put them on and take them off with minimal effort and they are made from a highly breathable super mesh upper material that helps maintain airflow when you are walking long distances.

For the price point, the level of comfort that is offered by the Feetmat is simply outstanding. The soles are made from non-slip rubber and are designed for maximum flexibility. This allows the shoes to adapt to any type of surface without compromising the motion of your foot or its stability. This capacity to adjust to different terrains makes these shoes the ideal pair for a wide range of activities that range from running, walking, and weight training to playing a number of sports like Basketball, volleyball, and Football. Even if you don’t plan to partake in any of these activities, these shoes are stylish enough to be worn in a casual way, so it really can be travel shoes for men.


  •       Comes in many colors and sizes to choose from
  •       It is ideal for a number of outdoor activities and sports
  •       Suitable for all seasons
  •       The outsoles are bendable
  •       The insoles are well padded with memory foam
  •       Great value for the price


  •       The shoes make an audible noise when you are walking
  •       The colors might be too bright for some tastes



KONHILL Women’s Lightweight Casual Walking Athletic Shoes

These affordable women’s shoes from Konhill have a lightweight and stylish design and come in a wide range of color options. On top of being ideal for travel, they are suited for a multitude of uses that include most outdoor activities, working out in the gym, and casual walks. The shoes come with a sturdy sole that is made from flexible rubber and feature a breather and soft knit upper that provides a high level of comfort and support when you are walking or running. The quality of the stitching is very good and ensures that your shoes will be durable and wear-resistant. That’s why it’s definitely one of the best travel shoes for women.

The secret to these shoes’ versatility and comfort lies in the quality of the sole. Its heavy-duty rubber construction coupled with its tremendous elasticity provides the user with a sturdy base that helps stabilize the foot and absorb impact regardless of the type of terrain. This quality allows the shoes to seamlessly contour your foot without putting any pressure on it.


  •       The shoes are super light and comfortable
  •       The rubber sole creates an effective rubber between your foot and the ground
  •       They are suited for a wide array of activities
  •       The knit upper is lightweight and breathable
  •       The quality of the stitching is outstanding
  •       Impressive quality for the price point
  •       Comes in more than 25 different colors


  •       The bottom of the shoes can be quite slippery on some slick surfaces
  •       They have a fairly potent chemical order when they are new



The verdict

Find the right pair of shoes doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Thanks to our comprehensive guide, you should be able to easily pick the ideal pair of shoes for your travels. All the shoes that we reviewed here are great options and are definitely worth your investment. Your final choice will have to depend on many factors such as your favorite type of activities, your budget, and whether or not the design fits your style and fashion. It’s a great combination when you also have compression socks with you for maximum comfort. Take the time to discern every characteristic and feature of each pair of shoes and make sure that you pick the right one for your needs.

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