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Best Samsonite Luggage – Buying Guide 2024

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Different types of luggage share lots of common features – zippers, handles, wheels and so on. But whether you think about a carry on or a suitcase, not all of them are done equal. It makes no difference if you need new luggage for your upcoming holiday or you want to get a gift for a loved one. You have to take your time and understand the differences between one model and another, not to mention quality standards, bells and whistles.

The actual wheel ability is among the factors that make the difference, as no one wants to lift and move heavy luggage. Plus, you want a durable piece of luggage to keep you going for years – this is when Samsonite kicks in as one of the most qualitative luggage manufacturers out there. But then, what about all the other small features? How about fabrics and materials? The more you know about your potential options, the easier it becomes to find the best Samsonite luggage.


Best Samsonite Luggage Buying Guide

A few factors will ensure a good final choice to support you on your trips.


The wheelability may seem irrelevant, but it is one of the top factors – you want your luggage to be easy to move, but also feature durable wheels. Plus, you need to choose between two and four wheels. When you opt for four wheels, you can go in any direction, as the luggage will spin to 360 degrees. This design has one minus – if you are on an incline, you need to hold the luggage in place or put it down on a side. Otherwise, it may go away.

A two wheeler is more efficient on uneven surfaces. It is more compact and easy to move around with, yet you can only move it forward and backward.

Soft or hard

Soft luggage is flexible. It allows you to fit more stuff inside, as it is quite flexible. You can always add “just one more thing”. However, it is quite fragile, so if you want this option, make sure you opt for a quality and durable fabric.

Hard luggage is different. It is not as flexible, but it will provide some protection. If you travel with fragile things or you want some extra security, this is your top choice. Just like you have probably guessed already, it is heavier than fabric luggage.


No one really pays attention to the zippers, but this is a terrible mistake. Imagine an overfilled luggage in the airport. You try to take something out of it and the zipper fails on you. How uncomfortable can that be?

There are two types of zippers when trying to find the top Samsonite luggage out there – coil and chain. The chain zipper is said to be more qualitative because its interlocking teeth are metallic. Besides, it provides more protection and security, as it is hard to break into.

On the other hand, coil zippers are less expensive, but this is because they are made of cheaper materials. Their coils are parallel and made of polyester. You can break into them with nothing but a pen, so they are suitable if you travel with hand luggage only or you always keep an eye on your stuff.

Some experts claim that the quality of the zippers is directly proportional to the quality of the luggage.


Sizing is among your top priorities, whether you are looking for the best Samsonite hardside luggage or you want a soft bag. If you tend to travel by plane, make sure your luggage can match the standards of the most popular airlines. While they are similar, you might be surprised if you go up to the maximum limit.

If you never do that, this factor is irrelevant. The general idea is quite simple – your luggage should be able to go into your transportation.

Also if you are looking something for your little ones, we have also reviewed best kids luggage.

Now that you know what to look for, what are the best rated options on the market?

Best Samsonite Luggage 2024


Aspire xLite Expandable Softside

The Aspire xLite model is probably the best Samsonite soft luggage out there. It comes in a few different sizes, as well as three different colors – blue, red and black. It measures 29×18.5×11.5 inches – suitable for most airlines in terms of sizing requirements for the carry on luggage.

The unit is mostly made of solid polyester. It is soft and flexible – it will expand, but you can also squeeze it a bit if you face any problems. It is durable and solid, even if you exaggerate with its expansion. All in all, it weighs just over 11 pounds and comes with a large front pocket and a smaller one on top.

The interior has designated pockets for a perfect organization, as well as wetpak. If you have to lift the luggage, it features side and top padded handles. As for the wheel’s ability, there are four flexible wheels.


  • Durable design
  • Flexible
  • Good organization
  • Padded handles
  • One of the best samsonite softside luggage


  • Not compatible with all airlines



Samsonite Luggage Flite Spinner

Samsonite’s hard shell luggage is extremely compact and compatible with most airlines – still worth double checking upfront though. It measures 28×10.5×20 inches. Since it is a hard suitcase (hard polypropylene), it will not expand for that extra thing – no flexibility, no risks to exceed the airline restrictions.

This might be great choice if you want durability and convenience. It comes in four different colors and it features four spinner wheels. Mobility will never be an issue. There are also top and side handles.

On the inside, you have multiple pockets, as well as a TSA lock. Rubber seals around the gasket protect against moisture, while internal elastic straps will keep your things in place.


  • Solid handles
  • TSA lock
  • Comfortable to move
  • Rubber gasket seal for protection


  • No lining on the inside



Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage

This set might be the best option if you travel a lot and you need suitcases in different sizes. It comes as a three piece set, yet you can also buy each piece individually. It comes in multiple colors and styles.

The set has a 20 inch carry on suitcase, a 24 inch spinner and a 28 inch large suitcase that can be the best samsonite checked luggage. The small suitcase matches the restrictions of most airlines. You have a hard 100% polycarbonate shell, nylon lining and a solid zipper closure, as well as a 10 year limited warranty.

Handles are retractable and each unit comes with four 360 degree wheels. Mobility will never be a problem. Despite the hard shell, bags are quite lightweight.


  • Hard shell, but still lightweight
  • Possibility to buy each piece separately
  • Good mobility
  • Beautiful designs


  • Can get scratched quite easily



Samsonite Englewood Expandable Hardside

Available in more styles and colors, this model from Samsonite stands out in the crowd due to its abrasion, water and scratch resistant shell. It is made of polycarbonate, but it is also textured for durability and design.

The luggage has a feature to expand by 1.5 inches, so packing should never be a problem. It measures 9x22x14 inches and comes with four spinner wheels – extra mobility. The interior features straps for a better organization.

Other than that, the handle is telescopic, so it goes out in a few different stages – excellent for a comfortable movement.


  • Textured design
  • Damage resistant
  • Expandable feature
  • Telescopic handle


  • Colors are slightly different than in pictures



Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside

If you want elegance and a design that stands out in the crowd, this model could be the greatest Samsonite luggage for you. It is made of hard polypropylene and features a solid zipper closure and fabric lining on the inside.

The luggage comes in more colors and measures 21.25×15.25×10 inches. It weighs less than seven pounds. You can also buy the exact same design in medium and large sizes – suitable for those who travel with checked in luggage.

The luggage comes with four stylish spinner wheels and a retractable handle. You can also lift the unit from the side.


  • Design stands out
  • Durable materials
  • More sizes and styles
  • Easy to move


  • Difficult to set a locking password



In the end, which Samsonite luggage is worth the best title? The above-mentioned models are among the top-rated products from Samsonite. In a world where more and more people rely on carry on luggage for short trips, have the right unit is essential. These top models come in this size, but you can also purchase some of them in larger checked-in sizes.

Deciding on the best Samsonite luggage is entirely up to you. Samsonite has high standards in terms of craftsmanship, so quality will not disappoint you. Assess your personal needs before making a decision. To lots of people with no major expectations, this choice is mostly about design and looks.

You can also check our other travel luggage reviews where are also a few more samsonite luggage including samsonite luggage fiero hs spinner 28 and other great models.

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